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Smart Messenger with Self Reminders

Smart Messenger with Self Reminders

Android Application

  • Automatic Reminders
  • Group Messaging and Scheduled Group Messaging
  • Birthday Reminder and Wisher
  • SMS Messenger with Translation
  • Notification Translation and Notification based Reminders
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Welcome to Smart Messenger with Self Reminders!

Make the most out of your SMS messaging with our powerful and intelligent SMS Messaging app. With features such as self-reminders, group messaging, and scheduled messaging, our app helps you use your cell phone in a smarter way.

Our app has a variety of features that make messaging more productive, such as SMS receiving and sending, stick message conversations on top, quick reply, secret box, multiple SIM card support, SPAM detector, free location sharing, SMS reply, SMS blocker, SMS translation, and more. We're always working on new features and updates to make messaging even more productive and efficient.

Here are some of the standout features of our app:

Smart Messenger:

  • Stick unlimited conversations on top to always see important conversations first
  • Lock SMS messages to avoid accidentally deleting them
  • Quick reply with automatic suggestions based on your previous conversations
  • Smart reply searches for information requested, such as phone numbers or email addresses, automatically
  • Secret box keeps your private contacts safe and secure
  • Supports multiple SIM cards for easy sending

Group Messaging:

  • Send messages to groups automatically with scheduled group messaging
  • Forward messages to all groups except the one from which you received the message
  • Create and manage Android contact groups easily
  • Schedule groups and add unlimited messages to the queue

Self Reminders:

  • Set reminders based on incoming messages
  • Reminders with alarm, wakeup reminders, and picture-based reminders
  • Automatically scan contacts to get their birthdays from phone contacts
  • Asks to add the message as a reminder if the incoming message contains usable or schedulable information

Try out our app today and see how it can make messaging more efficient and productive for you!

News and Updated

Smart Search
Added a new feature to search live for particular query
April 27, 2023
Smart Search
Improved searching of more related urls
April 15, 2023
Smart Search
Added support for multiple sources of Audio and Video links
March 29, 2023
Smart Search
Search Algorithm updated to get faster results
March 19, 2023
Smart Search
Improved Link tracing Algorithm
September 26, 2021
Smart Search
Fixed bug in sending email, when a related file is found
September 26, 2021
Smart Search
Extraction of links is further improved, more links could be extracted
August 19, 2021
Smart Search
Extraction of links is improved
August 18, 2021
Smart Search
Support for Audio links is added
August 17, 2021
Smart Search
Support for Video links is added
August 17, 2021
Smart Search
Support for magnet links is added
August 16, 2021